Mesostemic Fungicides

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Mesostemic fungicides are strongly attracted to the leaf surface by providing a barrier against disease infection. Small amounts penetrate the leaf and move to the opposite, untreated surface of the leaf providing protection against infection on both leaf surfaces. Mesostemic fungicides will prevent spores germination meaning that the disease wont penetrate the turf. As a result the plant tissue is not damaged and the plants don’t use up their energy fighting disease.


MesostemicA Mesostemic mode of action is best described by the 3 Ps of mesostemic power:

1. Persistence - high affinity with the leaf’s waxy layer

2. Protection - redistribution by superficial vapour movement

3. Prevention - translaminar activity





  •  Creates weather resistant reservoir on plant’s surface
  •  Reservoir distributes fungicide
  •  Enables continual penetration and replacement of active ingredients

The Bayer fungicides with a mesostemic mode of action are;