First new fungicide chemistry launched in the turf market in almost ten years

Exteris™ Stressgard® isn’t just a new product, it’s a whole new category of fungicide. The new product is the first ever combination SDHI fungicide to be launched for use in the UK turf industry, and delivers a brand new management tool for the most damaging damaging and disfiguring fungal disease to attack turf - microdochium patch - which occurs on over 90% of golf courses in the UK to some extent during the year.

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The SDHI, ‘Fluopyram’, is an ‘acropetal penetrant’, protecting the plant through its systemic action that moves up through the roots, shoots and leaves. Exteris™ Stressgard® halts the fungi moving up through the plant, delivering protective and some curative results.

“A key benefit of launching a new chemical group to the market is that it gives greenkeepers another tool in their diminishing armoury. More options allow for more rotation between chemical groups and this helps to prevent the threat of disease resistance,” says Dr Colin Mumford of the Bayer Turf Solutions Team.

Exteris™ Stressgard® is also approved for the treatment of dollar spot and is the latest innovation to come out of the continued commitment from Bayer in sustainable product development. It can take up to 10 years, the analysis of 100,000 potential active substances and about £300 million to bring each new and innovative active ingredient to the market.  Following this, further trials and investment are required to bring a turf specific product to the market.

“Greenkeepers are continually looking at how they can guard against turf diseases such as microdochium patch and dollar spot, and their jobs are becoming increasingly more difficult, as there are more sporadic appearances of turf disease and a reducing number of actives to tackle this,” says Colin.

The real difference with this fungicide is its formulation, according to Colin. “It contains two combined active ingredients, one is the SHDI – Fluopyram, and the other is trifloxystrobin – which is part of the strobilurin group, and a ‘local penetrant’, offering targeted disease treatment.

Not only does the new fungicide deliver excellent disease management, but it also has been proven to bring plant health benefits thanks to the Stressgard™ Formulation Technology – which is a combination of active ingredients, inert ingredients and turf-specific co-formulants. It’s this unique combination that enhances plant health and makes turf more able to stand up to disease.

For more information please email or call a member of the Turf Solutions Team on 00800 1214 9451.


Key benefits of Bayer Exteris™ Stressgard®:

  • Targeted microdochium prevention
  • Flexible water volumes
  • Plant health benefits
  • Quick dry time and absorption
  • Resistance management
  • Reduces damage from harmful UV radiation
  • Provides Biotic Abiotic stress reduction