Signature® XTRA Stressgard® currently for Ireland


Signature® XTRA Stressgard® currently for Ireland

Product Overview

The first FULLY systemic fungicide available to the Irish Market

As the Irish turf market continues to face increased pressure on disease management due to the loss of a number of active ingredients and chemical groups, Bayer continues to invest in the turf industry to ensure innovative solutions continue to be made available to turf managers.

Product Description

Authorised in Ireland in 2020, Bayer has brought not only a brand new active ingredient, but a whole new fungicide group to the market (the second since 2017). Signature® XTRA Stressgard® is a true systemic fungicide that delivers control of Microdochium Patch and Anthracnose, minimises stress and enhances turf health through its turf specific Stressgard® Formulation Technology.

Many products available are known as systemic but they only move upward (acropetally) in the plants xylem.

A fully systemic fungicide permeates into the plant, moves upward (acropetally) in the plant’s xylem, and also moves downward (basipetally) in the plant’s phloem.

These fully systemic properties ensure protection both of treated plant parts and due to the downwards movement the protection of the roots. Redistribution occurs upward and downward as the plant grows and the new growth formed between two treatments is protected. Delivering true shoot to root protection.

Of the currently available systemic fungicides, only Signature® XTRA Stressgard® is fully systemic which means it is the only TRUE systemic.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • The only True Systemic Fungicide
  • Offer shoot to root protection
  • Brand new Active Substance
  • Brand new turf fungicide group
  • Contains Stressgard® formulation technology
  • Boosts plant health
  • Increases consistency of turf colour & density

Use & Safety

When to use

October November December June July August September

Where to use

Bowls Golf Turf farms Lawn

Application rates and delivery

Rate of use:

For use only as a horticultural fungicide.

Situation: Grassland – amenity.

Maximum individual dose: 20 kg/ha

Maximum number of treatments: Three per year

The product is to be applied as a foliar spray to established turf, at an application rate of 20 kg of product/ha diluted in 220 to 600 L/haof water.

Signature® XTRA Stressgard® can be applied from September to April against Microdochium Patch and all year round against Anthracnose.

Signature® XTRA Stressgard® can be used when grass is either dormant or actively growing. Displays protective activity against Microdochium Patch. When used against Anthracnose Signature® XTRA Stressgard® displays protective and early curativeactivity. For best results apply preventatively or at first sign of disease and repeat as necessary at intervals of 14 days or greater.

A total of 3 applications are permitted in a calendar year, a minimum interval of two weeks must be observed between applications.

Signature® XTRA Stressgard® can be applied as foliar spray on turf via vehicle mounted hydraulic sprayers and handheld knapsack equipment, using appropriate application equipment which delivers the product to give a uniform coverage.

Application Equipment:

Vehicle-mounted Hydraulic Sprayer Knapsack Sprayer

Rate per hectare Water per hectare* Rate per 100 m2 Water per 100 m2 *

20 kg 220-600 litres

200 g 2 -6 litres

Rate per 500 m2 Water per 500 m2 *

1 kg 10-30 litres

* The spray concentration of the product must be less than 10% by volume.

When Signature® XTRA Stressgard® is used on professionally managed golf courses applications should be made to areas at high risk of fungal disease infection; namely golf tees, golf greens and areas of fairway surrounding tees and greens. If spot treatments are needed for localised patches of fairway, the area treated should not be greater than 5% of the fairway area.


Sprayers should be THOROUGHLY CLEANED before use and filters and jets checked for damage and blockages.

Half fill the sprayer tank with clean water and agitate. Add the required amount of Signature® XTRA Stressgard®.

Mix thoroughly and make up to the required volume of water while still agitating.

Spray immediately after mixing. Continue agitation at all times during spraying and stoppages, until the tank is completely empty.

Ensure an even distribution on the turf to be treated.

Wash out all spray equipment thoroughly with water immediately after use.

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