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Roundup® ProVantage

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Roundup® ProVantage

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Product Overview

Roundup® ProVantage is our latest amenity glyphosate product setting new and improved standards for the market. Continuing from the innovation of Roundup ProBio, this new high load formulation contains 480gai/l.

The highest levels of technical specification are built into Roundup® ProVantage, addressing many of the vital stewardship aspects vital for modern glyphosate applications.


Product Description

For any herbicide to function it must first break through the waxy surface of the leaf and enter the plant cells. This is achieved by developing a formulation containing surfactant which breaks down the waxy cuticle. Differences in glyphosate formulations are brought about by the different surfactants they contain. Original glyphosate formulations used Tallow Amine but this has been superseded in both efficacy and safety by the unique surfactants used in Roundup® ProVantage.


Key Features

Clean Label:

  • Non-hazardous as classified by COSHH
  • Does not carry a hazard symbol for transport and storage
  • Approved for use in aquatic areas

Superior performance in challenging conditions:

  • Improved reliability, even in hot and dry or cool and dry weather conditions
  • Helps make the most out of weather windows, especially pre-harvest

Less risk of drift:

  • Reduces risk of damage to neighbouring crops and hedges
  • Reduces the risk of bystander exposure
  • Reduces risk of direct contamination of surface water


Application Rates and Delivery

Refer to brochure or see label for details


What to Control

Controls most emerged grasses and broad-leaved weeds. See label for full details

Use & Safety

When to use

January February March April May June July August September October November December

What to control

Ground ivy

Application rates and delivery

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