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Harmonix® Tri-Nema™


Harmonix® Tri-Nema™

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Product Overview

Harmonix® Tri-Nema™ offers 3 different modes of activity in 1 solution, by utilising a unique blend of three entomopathogenic nematodes.

Product Description

Harmonix® Tri-Nema™ is optimised to give you maximum control over Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets.

Chafer grub and leather jacket infestations within your turf not only cause damage by their presence, but they also encourage further destruction by enticing predators to their location, who in turn can cause untold losses to a healthy and vibrant surface whilst feeding.

Harmonix® Tri-Nema™ contains a unique blend of three entomopathogenic nematodes. The ratio of the 3 species has been specifically selected by our scientists to rely on the natural activity of each species and enhance their combined effectiveness and increase competitiveness to survive.

Collectively the three species provide more effective distribution through the soil profile, leading to more consistent results.

Key features and Benefits:
  • Proven effective treatment against Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets
  • Reduces secondary damage from predators
  • Effective non chemical solution
  • 3 different modes of action

Use & Safety

When to use

May June July August September October November December

Where to use

Bowls Golf Lawn Turf farms

What to control

Leatherjackets Chafer grubs

Application rates and delivery

Timing of application:
  • The application of Harmonix Tri-Nema should coincide with egg hatch as the emerging juvenile grubs or larvae (1st and 2nd instar stage of growth) are most susceptible to entomopathogenic nematodes.
  • Monitor adult activity to identify the optimum timing of application. Chafer beetle species are typically active between mid-May and late June. The European Crane fly (Tipula paludosa) is usually active between late August and early October, whereas the Common Crane fly (Tipula oleracea) can have several generations throughout the year. The adults will be laying eggs in the turf throughout their period of activity.
  • Apply Harmonix Tri-Nema 3-4 weeks after the peak of adult activity, this will ensure that the majority of eggs have hatched, and the grubs or larvae are still in a juvenile stage.
  • For areas with very high infestations, make two applications of Harmonix Tri-Nema with a two-week interval between applications.

Application method:
  • Ensure that the sprayer is completely clean and does not contain any pesticide residues
  • Remove all filters from the sprayer, these include the main filter, the top hat filters at the nozzles, filter bowls within pipes away from the pump, or if using a hand lance, within the lance handle itself.
  • The application rate is:
    • 1,000 m2 = 1 x 500 million pack in 200 litres water
    • 1 hectare = 10 x 500 million pack in 2,000 litres water
  • Half fill the sprayer with clean water.
  • Switch on the sprayer tank agitation system if present to circulate water and aid distribution of nematodes in the spray solution.
  • If using a small capacity spray tank (less than 150 litres), pre-mix the nematode solution in a clean bucket or other such similar receptacle,
    • Put the contents of the pack into a bucket containing 5-10 litres of water. Use a whole pack in one go, as the distribution of nematodes in the pack is not homogenous
    • Rinse the pack as nematodes often cling to the packaging
    • Stir the solution until all lumps are dissolved
    • Pour the entire solution into the spray tank
    • Top up the water in the spray tank until the required amount of solution is in the tank
  • If using a sprayer with a larger tank capacity (more than 150 litres),
    • Add the contents of the pack directly into the spray tank, use whole packs, not a portion of a pack, as the distribution of nematodes in the pack is not homogenous
    • Rinse the pack as nematodes often cling to the packaging
    • Top up the water in the spray tank until the required amount of solution is in the tank
  • Use nozzles that produces a coarse droplet, such as a flat fan nozzles
  • Sprayer pressure should be 3 Bar / 45 p.s.i. or less. Do not exceed 5 Bar / 75 p.s.i., as that will harm the nematodes.
  • Spray immediately after preparation
  • Lightly irrigate treated area within 30 minutes after the application, to wash any nematodes remaining on the turfgrass leaves into the rootzone.

Harmonix Tri-Nema can be tank mixed if required.

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