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Harmonix® Monitoring Paste


Harmonix® Monitoring Paste

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Product Overview

Harmonix® Monitoring Paste is a non-toxic bait with full day and night traceability and can be used in a dynamic IPM program with Harmonix® Rodent Paste.

Product Description

Harmonix® Monitoring Paste is a non-toxic monitoring bait. With full traceability day and night, it is also free from the big 8 food allergens including wheat and is HACCP certified, making it suitable for use within the food industry.

It is the first essential step in a dynamic IPM program for use in early detection of rodent activity and to encourage bait acceptance ahead of treatment.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Non-toxic monitoring bait for use as part of an integrated approach

  • Free from the big 8 food allergens including wheat

  • HACCP certified

  • Day and night traceability

  • Highly palatable 10g sachets

  • Harmonix® Monitoring Paste and Harmonix® Rodent Paste contain similar bait matrix, making them a winning solution in a Dynamic IPM program. Find out more

Use & Safety

What to control

Black rat House Mouse Norway Rat

Application rates and delivery

We now also have a brochure available to download explaining all about our Harmonix Monitoring Paste. You can Download The Harmonix Monitoring Paste Brochure here >>

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