PPC Live 2014

Bayer announce innovation at PPC Live

Bayer revealed limited details about an innovative forthcoming rodenticide, at the 2014 PPC Live event.

Soon to be officially launched to the professional pest control market after the event, the new rodenticide is a unique foam formulation and is designed for control of both rats and mice, as part of an integrated control programme. “Our latest rodenticide will officially launch later in the year, but we want to offer a ‘sneak peak’ to the visitors who will be at PPC Live,“ says Alan Morris from Bayer. He explains how this new product’s foam formulation has been designed to overcome any issues of bait shyness. “The bait can be placed in areas where the rodents are known to pass, such as access holes and pipeworks. The product is transferred to the pest’s coat as they brush past the foam and it is then ingested during routine grooming,” says Alan. “This solution is perfect in situations where other food temptations limit the uptake of conventional bait.”

He adds that pest controllers can register their interest with Bayer at the event to be kept up to date on when the new product becomes available.

Visitors will also be able to experience a hands-on demonstration of the Bayer PestXpert App; a mobile application that has been designed to provide practical information and assist in the identification and treatment of pests. Built in two distinct parts, the App offers a pest classification guide and extensive product guide. It also features links to each of the product’s safety data sheets, as well as ‘News & Videos’, offering everything a professional pest controller needs to know at the tap of a button.