PestTech 2014

Bayer showcases Racumin Foam for the first time at PestTech

Taking an interactive approach, the Bayer stand proved to be a success at this year’s PestTech event in Birmingham. The team unveiled the latest innovative product, Racumin Foam.

During the event, the team were inundated with interest in the new product, with pest industry professionals able to see the innovative product first hand and ask questions direct to the experts. Racumin Foam is a first generation rodenticide, developed in a unique, water-based foam formulation which is delivered by an aerosol. With the withdrawal of contact activity powder formulations, this new rodenticide offers a much needed alternative. It’s easy to apply in areas such as access holes, cavity walls and pipe-works where rodents are known to pass. The foam is then transferred to the pest’s coat as it brushes past and is ingested straight into the blood stream during routine grooming.

Alan Morris ran demonstrations throughout the event and received very positive feedback. “We displayed some inert foam in a large, sealed, transparent tube, in order to show how it keeps its structure, even when the tube is vigorously shaken - the foam stays in this soft texture for up to twelve days. Our stand was buzzing with interest in it all day.”

Visitors were also invited to vote in the ‘House fit for a queen’ competition, which looked for the most impressive and unusual wasp’s nest. The stand featured picture entries of strangely located wasp’s nests, sent in by pest controllers from across the UK and visitors had the chance to vote for the most impressive entry from the five finalists. The winner was a picture of a wasp’s nest in a motorbike helmet, taken by David Nicholl, pest control officer for Kier Harlow Ltd, in Harlow. This was an apt winner, having been voted for in the National Motorcycle Museum.

David says he is over the moon to have received the winning prize of £200 worth of Bayer products. “The helmet is by far the strangest place I’ve seen a wasp’s nest, it was found in the back of a customer’s shed. I treated the nest with Bayer’s Ficam D, and once eradicated, was given the helmet as a thank you from the customer.”

The wasp’s nest competition was a talking point at the show, as was the appearance of a number of live insects on display in petri dishes, including Madagascan cockroaches (Gromphadorhina picea), oriental cockroaches (Blatta orientalis) and the common bed bug (Cimex lectularius), which attracted visitors and other exhibitors onto the stand.

PestTech is viewed as the largest one day pest control event in Europe, and welcomed 1,350 people through the doors at the Birmingham Motorcycle Museum, in November. Bayer engaged with current and new customers throughout the day. “For us, talking to our customers is of utmost importance. We tried to make the stand as engaging as possible to attract people and it worked. Racumin Foam generated marked interest and it was a great event all round for us,” says Alan.

Find out more about PestTech by visiting the NPTA website.