PestEx 2015

Racumin Foam, live pests and the Bayer PestXpert app presented to a global audience at PestEx 2015.

A record breaking 2242 people (including exhibitors) attended this years PestEx. This is 17% more people over the two days, compared to 2013. And more pest controllers than ever visited the Bayer stand, reporting great success with the company’s newest rodenticide, Racumin Foam.

“Racumin Foam has received a great response since its launch last November, and pest controllers visiting the stand at PestEx continually told us what a useful tool it’s been,” says Bayer’s Alan Morris.

The show provided the Bayer team with the chance to meet with existing and potential new partners, according to Alan. “This year’s PestEx event was fantastic, it generated new leads and gave us the opportunity to build on existing relationships with customers, while showcasing one of our most innovative products yet.”

Racumin Foam is a first generation rodenticide, developed in a unique, water-based foam formulation which is delivered by an aerosol. With the withdrawal of contact powder formulations, this new rodenticide offers a much needed alternative. It’s easy to apply in areas such as access holes, cavity walls and pipe-works where rodents are known to pass. The foam is then transferred to the pest’s coat as it brushes past, and is ingested straight into the blood stream during routine grooming. Alan displayed the foam on the stand to show how, once it’s sprayed, it retains its shape for a long time.

“We displayed some inert foam in four petri dishes which have been applied at different times, in order to show how the foam keeps its structure and stays in this soft texture for up to 12 days.” There was also a video running to show how the product works so effectively.

Visitors were also interested in the PestXpert App, which is free to download, and includes a popular pest identification tool. In addition to the App, the team showcased a number of pests in petri dishes, including the Madagascar Cockroach (Gromphadorrhina picea), German Cockroach (Blattella germanica), Oriental Cockroach (Blatta
orientalis) and Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius). “For us, engaging with current and new customers throughout the event is of utmost importance. We make our stand as engaging as possible, and hope that we generate interest for visitors,” says Alan.