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Harmonix® Rodent Paste


In order to optimise your rodent management campaign, Bayer recommend implementing a Dynamic Integrated Pest Management program. Using all the appropriate rodent control methods available.

Bayer have unique and exclusive rodent control methods to help pest managers tackle rodent infestations in most environments.

Considerations should be made for hygiene and proofing techniques as well as non-rodenticide options such as digital tools.

In order to optimise your rodent management plan, we recommend implanting a true IPM program. Using all the tools available to you to maximize treatment success.


Implement a permanent monitoring plan to maximize your chances of spotting an infestation in its early stages.

Harmonix® Monitoring Paste and Harmonix® Rodent Paste contain similar bait matrix formulations. Therefore, when an infestation has been detected with Harmonix® Monitoring Paste it can easy be changed over to Harmonix® Rodent Paste for swift control. Once the infestation has been eliminated you can return to a monitoring program with Harmonix® Monitoring Paste.

  • // If possible, set-up a permanent monitoring plan with Harmonix® Monitoring Paste to maximize your chances of spotting an infestation in its early stages
  • // Detect where the infestation is most active with Harmonix® monitoring paste
  • // Overcome bait shyness utilising similar base matrix
  • // Increasing Initial bait consumption and reducing the baiting period
  • // Decrease the amount of time that rodenticides are in place
  • // Add prevention and hygiene techniques where applicable