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Harmonix® Rodent Paste


Harmonix® Rodent Paste is an incredibly flexible product that allows the professional pest controller treatment options in a wide number of locations. Harmonix® Rodent Paste is not limited to 'in and around buildings' and has no known resistance making it a good choice if resistance is suspected. ​

The Harmonix Rodent Paste label offers professional operators the following treatment options;
  • //Indoors
  • //Around buildings ​
  • //Open areas​
  • //Waste dumps​
  • //Direct application into rodent burrows
  • //Covered and protected monitoring locations​​
  • //Rodent monitoring stations​
  • //Permanent baiting

Check country specific label on areas of use

As part of a risk-hierarchy approach, Harmonix® Rodent Paste should be considered against Mice and Rats, given its lower impact on non-target species and on the environment compared to anticoagulant solutions.