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Harmonix® Rodent Paste


As part of a risk-hierarchy approach, Harmonix® Rodent Paste should be considered against Mice and Rats, given its lower impact on non-target species and on the environment compared to anticoagulant solutions.

This stop feeding effect has dramatic consequences to the rodent behaviour and treatment:
  • // Environmental impact - The stop feeding effect will save you up to 50% less bait, this helps to minimise the amount of active ingredient entering the environment​
  • // Damage - As rodents feed on almost anything consumable, decreasing or stopping their appetite will greatly reduce the damage they cause
  • // Disease - Due to this lack of appetite and fatigue rodents have less opportunities to spread disease to humans and livestock

In this trial, the stop feeding effect is noticeable as soon as the third day of baiting while Brodifacoum baits are still being consumed until the 6th day of baiting.