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Digital Pest Management

Shaping Pest Management Through Innovation

The Digital Pest Management System is a wireless network of high-tech trap sensors that provide 24/7 monitoring, real-time capture alerts and up-to-the minute rodent program verification.

// Prevent
Manually checking each trap can divert focus from the true purpose of Integrated Pest Management inspections. Whether you rely on third party pest management service or manage an in-house program, Bayer's Rodent Monitoring System can provide the time needed to think outside the trap and be more proactive.
// Correct
With 24/7 monitoring, real-time capture alerts, and up-to-the minute program verification, you have the data to take immediate corrective action, preventing further infestation.
// Predict
Bayer gives you the data to analyze patterns, find root causes and predict future rodent problems, helping improve accountability and compliance.

Bayer's Digital Pest Management

Bayer's Digital Pest Management help elevate pest control practices by intelligently automating the monitoring of rodent traps using IoT technology.

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Help optimize integrated pest management (IPM) efforts.

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Helps improve pest inspections & audit readiness.

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Helps prevent infestations.

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IoT sensors provide 24/7 monitoring and real-time capture alerts so you can respond proactively instead of relying on manual trap checking.
  • Rapidly respond to the presence of rodents in your facility with real-time automated alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet
  • Ensure the correct personnel receive alerts with role-based notifications
  • Monitor rodent activity in real time across facilities so you can take fast action
  • Ensure network performance with automated system status reports
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Reporting on pests from Digital Pest Management Platform
Robust reporting features help ensure you have the evidence you need to prove compliance with ever-tightening regulations
  • Be prepared for audits with up-to-the minute rodent program verification data
  • Perform fast root-cause analysis with time-stamped data from sensors
  • Achieve transparency related to your pest control efforts across facilities with collaborative tools
  • Improve pest control process for protecting your clients or facility by analyzing sensor data

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Spend your time on proactive measures to remediate conditions that are conducive to infestations
  • Help protect public health and prevent risk of product recall with intellect, optimize food safety and sanitation practices
  • Dedicate labor resources to ensuring conditions are not hospitable to rodents instead of dedicating it to manual, schedule-based trap inspections
  • Place traps more strategically thanks to graphic floor plan visualizations and heat maps of building exterior
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