New turf manual from Bayer

The new Bayer turf manual, is now available as either a hard copy version, or as a downloadable file from the website.

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The new manual from Bayer is packed full of relevant information, with plenty of new facts, helpful hints and product information included. 

“A lot has changed since the last publication,” says Bayer technical manager Dr Colin Mumford.  “This has always been seen as a ‘must have’ for every turf manager – both to help with management and as a very useful reference source.”

There have been plenty of regulation changes since the last edition, and the new copy includes these, plus changes to the Sustainable Use Directive and the Water Framework Directive.  There are new and improved grass (species) identification charts, and guides to a vast ranges of pests and diseases, with pictures making spotting each problem easy to find.

 Grass-identificationGrass (species) identification chart

Spray-targetingSpray Targeting

Innovative-solutions  Innovative solutions from Bayer

Weed-controlWeed guide

On top of this, the Bayer Turf Solutions team has come together to add some cultural, biological and chemical approaches, allowing turf managers to use fully integrated management campaigns rather than just a chemical response. 

It’s packed with information ranging from regulatory information to tips on turf maintenance, making it both easy to read and practical.

Contact the Turf Solutions team to receive your printed copy.