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With the mild winter we’ve seen, weeds are germinating sooner than usual. It’s clear that with changing temperatures, professionals have to be more on the ball than ever – because long standing practices are having to be adapted to keep up with the changing cultural conditions.

This year the lack of frost means weeds are coming through very early, so it’s advisable to treat once, and treat effectively.

While we look ahead to summer plans, don’t let all the hard work you’ve put in over winter to maintain fine turf surfaces go to waste with a late disease outbreak. The winter fungicide season is coming to an end, but you must keep on top of your management to the last to keep those surfaces tip-top for spring and enjoy the playing season as we roll into summer.

It’s also important to be on the lookout for chafer adults appearing in the next couple of months. As soon as they emerge, they will mate, lay eggs, and grubs will hatch. With the loss of Merit Turf to the market , we hear from Dr. Colin Mumford, on the best alternatives to mitigate pest damage risk.

For more information to help you through the spring and summer season, check out this information packed newsletter.

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