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 PestXpert Bayer

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As the season starts to move from rodent control to insect control, the hot topic at the moment is the UK Second-generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) stewardship.

And while this is of utmost importance for the industry, it’s crucial not to lose sight of the issues on the ground. Ant season is fast approaching, and Bayer has plenty of key products to armour you for the season.

Maxforce for ant control is offered in two formulations:

Maxforce LN: a ready to use ant bait station which has been specially developed for the control of black ants. Colony eradication can be expected 7-14 days after treatment.

Maxforce Quantum: a unique non-drying formulation that’s highly attractive to sweet and protein loving ants. The ants feed readily before returning to their nest along with some of the bait and subsequently eradicate the colony.

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 Bayer CropScience  
70 % reduction in ant infestation call-backs   Cockroach control this season


Pest controllers know the importance of minimising call-backs, and with ant infestation season fast approaching, research indicating that product selection can account for a 70% reduction in call-back visits is welcome news.
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Cockroaches can carry a wide range of diseases, so keeping them out of commercial premises, particularly from areas where food is being prepared or handled, is vital. Choosing the right product is essential to ensure that every cockroach is eliminated.
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 Bayer CropScience  
Bayer show support for local company offering Aircraft cleaning service  

Racumin Foam receives rave reviews at PestEx


Pest control is important in many sectors, not least in the aircraft industry. Pioneering the use of K-Othrine WG insecticide, is Airline Services, a Manchester based company providing professional disinsection services to aircrafts in the UK. Aircraft disinsection is the word used to cover insect and disease control on domestic and international flights.
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 test A record breaking 2242 people attended this years PestEx. This is 17% more people over the two days, compared to 2013. And more pest controllers than ever visited the Bayer stand, reporting great success with the company’s newest rodenticide, Racumin Foam.  
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