Richard Moseley

Richard fell into the pest control industry quite by accident, but found it appealing from the off, because of the diversity of the job.

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Starting as a pest controller in Wigan with ‘National Britannia’, a national pest control company, at the age of 22, he felt at home managing his own patch, and encountering a different challenge each day.

“I became fascinated straight away. I’d say something about the industry gets under your skin,” he says.

Eventually Richard progressed to manage the pest control needs for some of the largest food manufacturers in Europe. “It was a huge learning curve for me. I was also training others in the industry.

“This experience and training paved the way for my next post, in 2008, when I became the technical manager for the BPCA. Here I was heavily involved with influencing government policy, for the benefit of our members and the wider industry,” he says.

Having now been at Bayer for five months, Richard is the technical manager for professional pest control and feels the most important aspect of the role is to give pest controllers a high level of support and industry knowledge.

“I’m here to inform on legislation, formulations, insect identification and guidance on what will and won’t work,” he adds.