Join the Pest Solutions team at PestTech

Bayer is inviting visitors to come and speak to the new Pest Solutions team at this year’s PestTech event, on 4th November, where the company’s five industry experts will be available to discuss your pest control issues.

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The team will be at hand to showcase their latest product, that’s had huge success within its first year on the market, since it was launched at PestTech last year.

“Racumin® Foam is really making waves in the industry, where the pest controller’s armoury is being diminished, with loss of actives to the market,” says Richard. “This specialised water-based foam formulation is designed for use against both rats and mice. It contains the active ingredient coumatetralyl and has proven to be ideal for use as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) programme.

“The foam is placed in areas where the rodents are known to pass, such as access holes, cavity walls and pipeworks. It’s then transferred to the pest’s coat as they brush past and is ingested straight into its blood stream during routine grooming, which is advantageous in limiting non-target species exposure,” he says.

The team will be able to update delegates on the latest approval for Rodilon® for indoor use and outdoor use (around buildings).

Before now, the rodenticide range has been approved for indoor use only. “As Rodilon® is becoming an industry favourite, then this is fantastic news for the sector,” says Richard. “This new approval should transform the treatment of rodent populations in areas where control has been unsuccessful in the past.

 “With the ability to apply Rodilon® indoors and outdoors (around buildings), rat populations can be promptly controlled in a targeted way,” says Richard.

Visitors can also find out about the broad spectrum insecticide K-Othrine® WG250 from Bayer, that will continue to stay on the market, despite a number of other products being discontinued.

“This is because since 1st September 2015, a significant number of insecticides containing the active alpha cypermethrin were lost to the UK market.

“Our product is staying on the market as it’s on the article 95 list,” confirms Richard.

In addition to product updates and guidance on industry changes, the Pest Solutions team will be displaying some common pests in petri dishes at the event, as well as giving away pest wall charts to help with identification:

  • Gromphadorrhina picea (Madagascar Cockroach)
  • Blattella germanica (German cockroach)
  • Blatta orientalis (Oriental cockroach)
  • Cimex lectularius (Bed bug)
  • Rhizopertha dominica (Lesser grain borer)
  • Tribolium confusum (Confused flour beetle)
  • Lasioderma serricorne (Tobacco beetle)


Racumin® Foam contains 0.4% w/w coumatetralyl (BPR:UK-2014-0860, IE/BPA 70160). Rodilon® contains 0.0025% w/w difethialone. (IE/BPA 70181, IE/BPA 70184, IE/BPA 70182, IE/BPA 70183. BPR: UK-2011-0043, UK-2011-0048, UK-2011-0050, UK-2011-0051). K-Othrine® WG250 contains deltamethrin 25.0% w/w (250 g/kg)(HSE 8092, PCS 94096) USE BIOCIDES SAFELY. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND PRODUCT INFORMATION BEFORE USE. PAY ATTENTION TO THE RISK INDICATIONS AND FOLLOW THE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ON THE LABEL.