Sustainable Development

Bayer carefully develops products and services which are designed for the wellbeing of people by improving their quality of life. Our efforts are in line with the Bayer Group’s commitments to sustainable development.

Sustainable Development is Bayer’s vision which declares our contribution to global sustainability. It is the guiding principle on which our operative and cultural strategy is based. Bayer recognises that success is possible only by means of long-term commitment to protect sustainability. This concerns not only the products and services we supply, but also directly our way of behaving, and that of our suppliers and distributors and end customers. Sustainability is not new to us. Our history of innovation, training and management has always taken into account providing solutions which are aimed at improving quality of life, with minimal impact to the environment.

Sustainable development is a commitment to conduct economic  development which meets the needs of present generations, without compromising those of future generations. This globally accepted approach, which envisions economic growth whilst respecting the environment, and without damaging our planet or exhausting its resources.

Bayer maintains the Bayer Group Sustainability guidelines, with particular attention to:

1. The Environment - Attentiveness to our environment

For responsible support of our products throughout their entire life cycle. In order to guarantee safety for: 

  • the operator, by means of development of new molecules and innovative formulations
  • the environment, by manufacturing in accordance with our Responsible Care principles, and developing products which are safer and more eco-friendly.

2. Social - Partnership and development with operators in the field

To create a sense of sustainability in our daily activities. We co-operate with public and private organisations for the purpose of:

  • improving well-being and environmental health
  • providing modern technologies
  • promoting responsible use of our products by means of technical support and educational activities. 

3. Economic - Re-planning our future

By means of continual investments in research and development, we are committed to providing new sustainable products, services and technologies which meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We encourage: 

  • research and development at all levels
  • co-operation with our clients and partners in order to make improvements in terms of efficiency and productivity
  • work aimed at sustainable success.