Bayer - Science for a better life

Bayer is a global leader in providing innovative solutions to pest, weed and plant disease problems in the professional non-crop markets. This encompasses pest control, rural hygiene, turf and amenity, industrial vegetation management and horticulture.

Extensive product portfolio 
The company’s product portfolio consists of rodenticides, insecticides, turf fungicides and a range of herbicides. The key brands include Chipco Green, Merit Turf, Interface, Rodilon, K-Obiol and Ficam. Bayer distributes these products through a number of distributors throughout the UK and Ireland.

Direct contact
Direct contact with professionals in the field allows Bayer to provide suitable technical assistance, logistics and a commercial supply which meets the requirements of  the client and end user. Bayer also co-operate with the relevant associations and support events which enhance the quality of the service in the world of professional pest control and turf and amenity management.

Bayer can advise with first hand experience from their ‘BayArena’ stadium and training ground, home to the company’s football team – Bayer Leverkusen. Being closely involved with these groundsmen gives the company a unique view and importantly an understanding of the problems turf managers experience on a day to day basis. This adds valuable insight into the solutions needed for effective maintenance of sports surfaces. 

£300 million R&D to bring a new product to market 
Bayer’s research and development activities are closely aligned to market needs and geared toward continuous improvement. Bayer’s own activities are supplemented by an international network of collaborations with leading universities, public-sector research institutes and partner companies that continue to expand in alignment with the company’s main areas of research and development. This network allows the pooling of expertise, helping Bayer to rapidly translate new ideas into successful products. Even so, it can take up to 10 years, the analysis of 100,000 potential active substances and about £300 million to bring each new and innovative product that customers come to expect from Bayer, to market. Bayer is committed to sustainable development, R&D and regularly invests in local R&D sports turf projects to help improve the future quality and management of sports turf.